Consciousness and the OptiMystical Universe
"From the moment you came into this world,  a ladder was placed in front of you  that you might transcend it."  ...   Rumi  1207    
The OptiMystical Universe is this 'Ladder'  ...  Dav*d  ~ 2015 ~        Understand it Intimately then Transcend it   ... 
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I have experienced that these fields facilitate expanded levels of awareness.
a good thing!
I have also realized some Universal travel experiences
I want you, All~so, to experience these fields of consciousness of the OptiMystical Universe  ...   for a couple of reasons:
1)  I'll be able to hear about other people's experiences
and  2)  I will know I have been useful to Humanity's Celestial Consciousness
 Peace of Pi,
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OMG  after I had the realization of the OptiMystical universe,  then the internet was invented and I amazingly got
as a web site to present this information
(Friends in HIGH PLACES with Ultra~terior motives)
I'm thinking "YIKES  this stuff is Really real!"