Consciousness and the OptiMystical Universe 
"From the moment you came into this world,  a ladder was placed in front of you  that you might transcend it."  ...   Rumi  1207    
The OptiMystical Universe is this 'Ladder'  ...  Dav*d  ~ 2015 ~        Explore  it Intimately then   ...   Transcend it   ... 
Celestial consciousness, True Human Nature, the priceless reward
Open Invitation to All
 Since discovering that I can  *THINK*, or Meditate,  myself into these  Universal Azium fields   ...  each having its own HIGH.
I just have to shasre this information,  anyone would.
 Something you should know about  TRANSITIONS
as you ascend through these fields of consciousness
This isn't about getting to Heaven or burning in Hell, the other guys talk about that.  OMG
OU is about Higher Human relationships here through our precious life on Earth as well
as cool travel opportunities.
 Peace of Pi,
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